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My Real Estate career began way back in 2006 when I first got my Real Estate Appraiser’s License. When the market turned bad around 2008, I took what I considered a much needed vacation to Thailand. I fell in love with the country, and instead of returning to the US, I picked up roots and moved there full time. Luckily, Real Estate can be a very flexible profession, and I was able to pick up where I had left off as a Real Estate Appraiser.

While living in Thailand, I was able to work remotely. I performed market analysis, and home valuations throughout Ventura and Los Angeles County for close to ten years, on well over 2,000 homes. In late 2017, with my fiancé and infant daughter, I finally moved back stateside and earned my license as a Real Estate Agent.

However, I wasn’t idle during those ten years of working oversees. In addition to my full time job as a Real Estate Appraiser, I pursued a plethora of other ventures. I owned and operated a Thai Food Restaurant, was General Manager of one of the most successful bars in Rawai, I founded a local Marketing Agency, and was Co-Partners in a Hot Yoga Studio. In addition to all of this, I pursued my interests in Photography, and Videography, and taught myself Graphic, and Web Design. Little did I know at that time, these were all the skills I would need to be a successful Real Estate Agent in the future.

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A Modern Agent

An Agent Must Be Willing to Adapt

Modern Real Estate transactions need a modern approach. Things are always moving forward. Heck, even since I started in Real Estate, the entire industry has undergone major changes. The agents that will be able to best serve their clients going forward are those who are not afraid of change, and are willing to adapt. Am I the best agent around? Of course not, such a claim would be ridiculous, but I am not afraid of change, and I am always willing to expand my knowledge and techniques.

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Valuation Experience

Learning to Value Property Takes Time

The one skill that cannot be taught as a new Real Estate Agent, is how to value a property. It takes years of experience in order to perfect the technique. Which is unfortunate, as it is the most important thing when listing your home.

Coming from a background in Real Estate Appraising. On my first day as a new Real Estate Agent, I already had the valuation experience of an Agent with decades in the industry. This came from valuing around 200 properties per year for over 10 years.

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Creative Marketing

Best Practices are Always Changing

As modern technology evolves, so does the marketing techniques that are most effective. Video isn’t the future of marketing, it is the past, present, and future. Wherein most agents are still afraid to put their face in front of the camera, I understand how important it is to getting your home sold. High Quality video marketing is the backbone of my marketing efforts.

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Forward Thinking

A Great Agent Must Constantly Evolve

As with all industries, things are constantly changing and evolving. A good agent can’t rest on their laurels and continue doing things that used to work. For an agent to best serve their client, they need to be able to adapt to the ever changing environment.

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